Lycon Waxing Treatments

Lycon wax - the professionals choice

Lycon precision waxing is the number one choice for hair removal at Essence of Beauty. Lycon hot waxing is a low temperature formular which delivers superb results, removing stubbord hairs as short as 1mm. Lycon wax is made using the finest natural resin, beeswax and aromotherapy oils, all waxing treatments are complimented by pre & post waxing lotions meaning you receive a luxury waxing treatment every time.

Retail home care products & accessories are available to purchase directly from us, allowing the right combination to be tailored to your inviduals needs.


About our course prices:

Our course prices as stated below are available when you purchase block of 6 of the same waxing treatments.

Lycon Hot Waxing Prices

Course Price £11.70

Course Price £9.90

Side of the Face
Course Price £12.60

Course Price £6.20

Course Price £12.60

Standard Bikini
Course Price £16.20

Course Price £25.20

Course Price £37.80

Course Price £37.80

Extra Areas
from £10

Lycon Strip Waxing Prices

Full Leg
Course price 28.80

3/4 Leg
Course Price £22.50

1/2 Leg
Course Price £18.90

1/2 Leg Top
Course Price £19.80

Inner Thigh
Course Price £9

Bum Cheeks
Course Price £12.60

Full Arm
Course Price £18.90

Half Arm
Course 15.30

Naval Line
Course Price £4.50

Full Stomach
Course Price £12.60

Lower Back
Course Price £12.60

Full Back
Course Price £16