Organic Spray Tans

Vita Liberata Natural Organic Spray Tanning.

Achieve an amazing sun-kissed & natural looking tan you've always desired.
Applied in a professional spray booth, Vita Liberata spray tans are available in different strengths to suit your requirements, giving you a natural streak-free sun-kissed glow.


Full Body Spray Tan

(Allow 15 Minutes - £28)

A long-lasting, fast-drying natural tan that is perfect for normal, combination and oily skin types

Lasts up to 4 times longer than regular tans

You can re-dress immediately

Contains Odour Remove for zero smell

Certified organic botanicals and Moisture Lock system
guarantee a perfect fade back to nothing



The combination of ingredients in the products which we use are combined with a unique moisture locking system which draws water to the surface of the skin and locks it there for 72 hours, creating very soft skin & a perfect fade every time.



All of the products we use are bursting with certified organic extracts that are kind to skin, offering anti-age benefits and conditioning. This enhances the natural-looking tan result as the skin is smooth, even and plump - the perfect base for tanning.



Due to the unique formulation, Vita Liberata tan solution dries on contact with skin so you can dress with confidence.



Thanks to the odour remove technology, in an independent survey of 200 participants, 99% said Vita Liberata had no smell on the skin.



The non-toxic and organic nature of the products that we use combined with a unique moisture locking system which means all Vita Liberata tans dry instantly & fade perfectly. No snakeskin, patching or streaking; just a gentle fade to nothing, like a natural tan.



Vita Liberata has removed all toxic ingredients from their products, while fairly innocuous in themselves, ingredients on the Toxic List can create carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde when combined in a formula. Paraben preservatives have raised concerns due to their association with breast cancer tumours & perfume & alcohol are extremely drying to the skin so these are not added to any of the Vita Liberata products.