PHD Safe Waxing

PHD Safewax Applicator Waxing
Promoting Safer Beauty 
In Holborough Lakes.

The PHD state of the art safewax system enables therapists to eliminate the risk of cross infection, unlike the traditional pot and spatula waxing method. 

PHD Safe Waxing Includes

Bikini line
Extended bikini line
Extras including lip, chin, cheek, neck, fingers, toes, belly or lower back etc
PHD safe waxing treatment
hair removal packages

Quality And Hygienic Hair Removal

Essence Of Beauty uses the PHD ( professional Hygienic Disposable) waxing system to ensure no harm comes to you through waxing. With the traditional pot and spatula method, the spatula touches the clients skin and the same spatula goes back into the wax pot and so on until the waxing treatment is finished. If the previous client bleeds from a waxing treatment the blood will go into the wax pot from the spatula being used. You as the next client will come in for your waxing treatment, the same method is used with a new spatula but the same wax pot that was used on the client before you and will be used on the next client after you until the wax pot is finished. (This can take up to the use of several clients before the wax pot is finished). 
The same process is used dipping the new spatula in and out of the wax pot onto the skin performing your waxing treatment. This is known as double dipping. If previous clients before you have any diseases or infections these go into the wax pot from the spatula that has touched a clients skin, if your pours are open from waxing then that's when these diseases or infections can enter into you. The temperature of the wax pop will never be hot enough to kill these Diseases or infections as the wax would then be too hot to be placed on your skin.

With the PHD waxing system, this cross contamination DOES NOT happen as a new applicator head is used for every appointment therefore the applicator head touches only your skin with a single gate mechanism to prevent wax from re-entering the wax tube. once your waxing treatment is complete the single use applicator head is disposed of, eliminating the danger of spreading diseases or infections onto you.

A new applicator head is used for every appointment. 
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"I have been converted to having regular wax treatments with Sherry. Always does an amazing job and uses the hygienic PHD wax system (no double dipping). Would highly recommend her!"

- Charmaine Anstee, Facebook reviews of our services for women

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